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Why We Gained Weight in The First Place

This week we had another highly inspirational weight loss motivation webinar where we covered some of the reasons why we gained weight in the first place.  Understanding what made you gain the weight in the first place can go a long way towards overcoming it and achieving long term weight loss success as a result.

  1. Genetics and Natural Body Shape

The ectomorph looks like a long distance runner and struggles to put on both muscle and fat, the Mesomorph is usually strongly built like a sprinter and does not have problems picking up muscle, and are not likely to gain fat easy and last but not least the Endomorph – usually big strong people that have no problem gaining muscle, but are just as susceptible to gaining fat.  Knowing your body shape, will help you plan your eating and exercise accordingly in order to achieve long term weight loss success.

  1. Family/Social Environment

As humans, we tend to be attracted to people that are similar to us, this can have a powerful impact on your lifestyle, mindset and as a result your physical appearance.  For instance, if you grow up in a house where there is always too much food and you are encouraged to over-eat and drink, you are highly likely to be overweight and struggle with weight loss as a result, being able to manage these relationships in a manner that empowers you to achieve long term weight loss success.

  1. Self-image

As humans, the way we perceive ourselves will have a big impact on our behaviour, for instance, somebody that perceives himself as a power lifter, will eat, train and look like one, where somebody that sees himself as fat will over-eat after a hard day at work. What do you think causes people to gain weight in the first place?  Please share your thoughts and comments below. Do you want to achieve long term weight loss success?  Click here to find out EXACTLY how we keep our clients motivated to achieve long term weight loss success.   Weight Loss Motivation Facebook Page

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