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The 3 Secrets to Weightloss

Congratulations!… Start Your Transformation With These Three Secrets That Will Help You Lose Weight and to Eliminate things Like Comfort Eating


  • On this page there is a video revealing 3 things you can do right now to eliminate comfort eating and to start losing weight without a diet.
  • craving_r2_c2We will also send you an email in the next 15 minutes to access other free materials including the 17 guilt free craving substitutes.
  • Finally a limited time £1 Offer below the video that you can take advantage of today and maybe only for the next few days before we take the offer down.

Fed Up of Being Overweight?

Then Let’s Really Do Something About it Today.

They say “the proof is in the pudding” so here’s your chance to really make a difference in your life today!

You can now extend your  FREE trial to a 1 Month FULL ACCESS trial.

This option gives you the full, no restriction access to the whole Award  Winning Slimmers MOBIvation system.

You’ll finally have the power to get rid of the most stubborn fat,  even if you’ve tried and failed so many times before.


Some people will say it’s just £1… But that’s not how we look at it here at Slimmers MOBIvation. Even if we know that you are protected by a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, we believe that time is precious so we don’t want you or anyone to waste their time on something that doesn’t work.

So what we have done is to give you a chance to try something different and you’d be surprised at the positive results.

  • Slimmers MOBIvation has worked for so many people as you can see from our real, unbiased and verifiable testimonials on this website, and it can work for you too… you just have to let it.
  • We have also recently been researched by Centre for Innovation Management and Enterprise, University of East London and in 2011 won an award for our innovative approach.
  • We have created the world’s most complete, easy to follow and the only weight loss program, combining real support, Weight Loss Training and an 8 years in the making, Award winning, fully personalised Slimmers MOBIvation Motivation Text Messages Scientifically designed to powerful recondition your mindset and develop a new relationship with food….

Get Instant Access Now… It works even if you’ve tried and failed so many times before.

There is no risk what so ever. We bear all the risk

Think about it:

… Worst case is you try it, you are not satisfied with the results,  and we give you your money back. no questions asked.

Best case (which is what we promise) is your life changes right before your eyes.

  • … You’ll lose weight
  • … Get the beach body you thought was never possible
  • … You’ll get your energy up
  • … Your confidence will shoot through the roof
  • … Your health will improve
  • … You’ll be so much happier.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll personally opt in for great results. You owe it to yourself and your family to give it a try.


What Others Are Saying About Slimmers MOBIvation

  • I have now lost 30lbs (13,5kg’s)and 3 dress sizes in total!

    – Kat Hipsey

  • Leah-Jade_fellstad_before-afterI went from a size 16 to a size 10 and lost 11kg’s (24 lbs / just under 2 stone lost) in just 5 months

    – Leah Jade Fellstad

  • Josh-Burns_before-after-shotI joined 4 months ago and so far I have lost 3st 5lbs (20kg’s)

    – Josh Burns

Get Instant FULL Access Now for £1 ONLY…


No Fasting, No Measuring, No Diets... It’s just that simple

Slimmers MOBIvation is the only weight loss solution that give you the freedom to be who you are, to do what you like and eat whatever you like and you still lose weight consistently and for good.

  • Experience Total Transformation in 2-3 Days

    Access to three simple things you can do right now to start losing weight immediately

  • FREE Monthly Email Support

    We understand that every case is unique, so with your FREE membership you can easily get access to £97/month free Weight Loss support design to help youremain on track.

  • Eight Steps to Weight Loss Success You Can Actually Use Today

    Watch this video to see exactly how I lost 32Kg and how you to can do the same using our eight step principles.

  • 17+ Cutting-Edge Tasty and Guilt FREE Craving Substitutes (This list is growing)

    Finally you can enjoy the food you like without all the guilt and you still lose weight!  Whether you want fast food, fries or sweet cakes, these 17 delicious, healthier and cheaper options cut the guilt by the gram.

  • Never Miss Our Weight Loss Additions

    You’ll be the first to know! … Losing weight and keeping it off is something you need to do on a consistent basis, and so we are always researching the easiest, fastest, safest and most consistent ways for you to lose weight and keep it of without the drama associated with weight loss.

  • Quick & Easy Delicious Recipes

    Not sure what to eat? No problem. Although we do not recommend any specific diet, we work together with our members and teams to share some of the best, easiest and healthy recipes so that you can get on with your busy schedule and lose weight even faster.

  • Fully Personalised Slimmers MOBIvation Weight Loss Assessment

    Get a unique insight into what you truly want to achieve as a result of your future weight loss success

  • Elite Level Slimmers MOBIvation Weight Loss Training

    • Discover exactly WHY diets have failed you in the past
    • Understand the exact emotional trigger’s that are literally keeping people overweight
    • Realise how a very simple change in approach can result in losing weight and keep it off
    • Learn about “The Snapback Effect”, which causes dieters to lose weight initially and then “Snap back” to their old weight (and more)
    • Develop your plan and exactly what you will be doing and when you will be doing it to get you to your weight loss goals.
  • Fully Personalized Slimmers MOBIvation Motivation Text Messages

    Award winning Text messages designed to powerful recondition your mindset and develop a new relationship with food.

    • Ask yourself the questions that will set you up for weight loss success
    • Get a unique insight into what you truly want to achieve as a result of your future weight loss success
    • Uncover unknown stumbling blocks that have hindered you before with weight loss
    • Receive confidential personalised feedback as to how previous clients have overcome the same challenges that you are facing and now enjoy the success that awaits you too
    • Get a clear, personalised road map to your long lasting weight loss success
  • Weekly Live Motivational Weight Loss Webinars

    Weekly motivational weight loss webinars designed to provide elite level weight loss training

  • Access to the Slimmers MOBIvation Elite Inner Circle Member Forum

    Get access to daily inspiration, tips and insights delivered and supported by people who are on the same journey as you

  • Access to a coach

    Resident coaches are able to help you on a 1 to 1 basis

Let’s Take The First Step To A Better You!


We keep things simple.

To become a member, you will be charged a £79, which is refundable after 4 months if you’re not happy with the results.

To continue enjoying the other member benefits your monthly membership fee is £34.70 / – you can cancel at any time, there is no long contracts.


theguaranteeMONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We offer the best guarantee in the industry.  So remember, there is no risk whatsoever when you take action today. You are protected by our full money back guarantee.

If within 1 month you are not satisfied and happy with the results, we will refund you every penny no question asked.

It gets even better.  Try it out for a FULL 4 MONTHs and if you are still not happy, we will refund you your initial £79 setup fee. That’s how confident we are that you will be pleased.


What is Slimmers MOBIvation?

Slimmers MOBIvation is a truly unique, scientifically designed weight loss alternative for people who have found that “dieting” just does not work for them. It is designed to tackle the emotional and mental triggers that literally force people to overeat and under exercise. The process of Slimmers MOBIvation has won numerous awards for the results clients have achieved. The goal for any client joining Slimmers MOBIvation is that, once you have lost the weight, you will never go back to that weight again – removing yoyo weight gain.

How does it work?

Slimmers MOBIvation differs from traditional weight loss programs because we deal with “WHY” people overeat and under exercise in the first place instead of what traditional diets deal with which is the “What” to eat. We also focus a huge amount on what motivates human behaviour and provide one of the most supportive environments to lose weight. We also focus more on “empowering” our clients than holding them accountable. We understand how closely self-esteem, stress and how we feel about ourselves can influence comfort eating so that is why our clients can eat what they want and still lose weight.

Will this work for anyone?

Slimmers MOBIvation can work for you even if:

You comfort eat
You eat out of boredom
You feel stress from time to time
Diets have failed you
You have never been into a gym
You have exercising limiting injuries
You don’t like the idea of having a personal trainer
You are on obesity related medication
Have more than 2 stone / 13kg’s / 30lbs to lose

How much does it cost?

£79 REFUNDABLE deposit ( if you are not happy with your weight loss)
£34.70 / m – you can cancel at any time

How much weight can I lose?

We have had people lose up to 10 Stone / 66kg’s / 145lbs
Ladies losing up to 5 dress sizes

How long before I start seeing results?

We have had people seeing and feeling the results starting to happen after a few days but normally in 3-4 weeks people start to see inspirational and life changing results

What if I cancel before 4 months? what happens to my deposit?

You can get a full deposit and subscription refund during the first month if you really feel that Slimmers MOBIvation is not for you. Then, if in month 4, you are not happy with the results that you have got or are getting, we will refund your £79 deposit. The reason for the deposit is that the only thing that matter to us at MOBiv8 is that our clients are successful and our research and testing has shown that if they have some kind of financial investment in their success, they are more committed to their success

Can I cancel at anytime?


How safe is this?

Very safe indeed. Because we do not promote any drastic diets or crazy exercise routine, our clients eat and exercise like they want to. In fact because of our approach, Slimmers MOBIvation clients have not only lost weight, become healthier and happier but also seen MASSIVE changes in other areas in their lives such as increased self-esteem, feeling more attractive, being able to buy more clothes in that you like (not just what they have in your side) but also finding relationships and love. One lady came to us because she was not physically or emotionally able to conceive a child. With our help, she made the changes, lost the weight and has recently become a mother to a beautiful, healthy little boy.

DO I still need to go to the GYM?

No, absolutely not

DO I have to go on a strict diet?

No, you eat what you want to eat. (but you might find that you WANT to start eating more healthy food ;-))