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Weight Loss Success Stories – Shane Arkinstall

Weight loss success stories – Shane Arkinstall lost 26kgs and counting since he joined Slimmers  He became another weight loss success story without having to follow any crazy diets or crazy exercise routines.  At Slimmers we understand the power of habit and provide our clients with all the motivation they need to push through the hard times in order to change their eating and exercise habits.

How We Helped Shane Arkinstall Become a Weight Loss Success Story

  • We do not have a specific diet or exercise routine – our clients do whatever works for them.
  • We send our clients scientifically developed text messages daily in order to keep weight loss “Front of Mind”; this ensures that their weight loss motivation levels remain high as they slowly, but surely change their eating and exercise habits in order to achieve long term weight loss success.
  • We have weekly weight loss motivation webinars where we share some of the common challenges you will encounter on your journey towards your ideal weight and ways in which you can overcome them.
  • We have a fast growing weight loss motivation Facebook support page where you can interact with others that are also on the journey towards their ideal weight.

Are you tired of failing with unrealistic diets and exercise routines?  Join Slimmers today for all the motivation you need in order to change your eating and exercise habits in order to achieve long term weight loss success?

Click here to find out exactly how we keep our clients motivated in order to become weight loss success stories like Shane Arkinstall who lost 26kgs already since joining Slimmers

What do you think is the key to achieving long term weight loss success?  Please share your thoughts and comments below.

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