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Weight Loss Success Story – Bronwyn & Erwee Coetzee

Weight Loss Success Story – Bronwyn & Erwee Coetzee – Bronwyn has lost 22kgs and Erwee has lost 15kgs since joining Slimmers “We haven’t had to follow any strict diet. Some exercise, diet change and motivation from people who are going through the same as us. We have tried many diets before which never worked, crash diets is one of them which was the biggest waste of time, just as quickly as the weight drops off just as quickly it is put back on. It starts with changing your mindset by being positive and inspired by other positive people. Slimmers is a great group to join we are feeling great. We would recommend Slimmers to anyone who is prepared and determined to lose weight.

We are now working out every day, physically we can do so much more, having 3 youngsters that are so busy the thought of being too unhealthy and unfit to care for them was a big start for us. But since  joining Slimmers it has mentally made an even bigger difference, we have broken a lot of bad habits, feeling much more confident, we don’t need to feel guilty about eating anymore and I know this time the weight will stay off, because it is a lifestyle change and not some crash diet. Slimmers has helped us achieve our struggle with our weight goals. No more endless crash and strict diets we do it our way!

How Slimmers helped us become a weight loss success story

  • They do not have a specific diet or exercise routine – We do whatever works for us.
  • They send their clients scientifically developed text messages daily in order to keep weight loss “Front of Mind”; this ensures that our weight loss motivation levels remain high as we slowly, but surely change our eating and exercise habits in order to achieve long term weight loss success.
  • They have weekly weight loss motivation webinars where they share some of the common challenges you will encounter on your journey towards your ideal weight and ways in which you can overcome them.
  • They have a fast growing weight loss motivation Facebook support page where you can interact with others that are also on the journey towards their ideal weight.”

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Weight Loss Motivation Facebook Page

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