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Why We Gained Weight in The First Place

This week we had another highly inspirational weight loss motivation webinar where we covered some of the reasons why we gained weight in the first place.  Understanding what made you gain the weight in the first place can go a long way towards overcoming it and achieving long term weight loss success as a result. […]

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Weight Loss Success Story – Bronwyn & Erwee Coetzee

Weight Loss Success Story – Bronwyn & Erwee Coetzee – Bronwyn has lost 22kgs and Erwee has lost 15kgs since joining Slimmers “We haven’t had to follow any strict diet. Some exercise, diet change and motivation from people who are going through the same as us. We have tried many diets before which never […]

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What Stops People from Losing Weight

This week we had another highly inspirational weight loss motivation webinar on what stops people from losing weight. Bad Habits Being overweight often boils down to bad habits.  Habits are driven by mindset, mindset determines what you talk about, this in turn drives you to act in certain ways and this causes the results you […]

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The Effects of Exercise on the Body

We live in a fast paced world where stress causes health issues for a growing number of people.  In this blog post we take a look at the effects of exercise on the body and how doing it regularly can help you live a generally healthier, more energetic lifestyle. Research showed that people who exercise […]

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Weight Loss Success Stories – Shane Arkinstall

Weight loss success stories – Shane Arkinstall lost 26kgs and counting since he joined Slimmers  He became another weight loss success story without having to follow any crazy diets or crazy exercise routines.  At Slimmers we understand the power of habit and provide our clients with all the motivation they need to push […]

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